Template for Research Proposal

Before starting the actual research, you have to write a research proposal. Its purpose is to present your idea of research and prove that the question you want to investigate is worth the time and effort. You may not realize the importance of a research proposal template at first sight, but this is what the future of your whole research depends on. You have to prove, that the problem you will be addressing is worth the attention and that the result of your research will be a decent contribution to this scientific area. But realizing this big deal of responsibility you have to deal with may prevent you from fulfilling this task the way it should be done. Which is why we offer you professional help, which you can get here and now, just through clicking one button!

Why Do I need a Research Proposal Template?

For sure, any scientific writing is a difficult task to deal with. But what may help you is a well-written template to fill in. It will help you write your research proposal clearly and easy for others to understand. On the other hand, a research proposal template will help you as a writer to convey your thoughts consecutively. If you show the committee that you understand your topic well and you can explain why you want to investigate this particular question, you will have better chances to get your research proposal approved.

Usually a proposal writing template consists of following parts:

  1. Introduction. The traditional beginning. Write about the problem you will be addressing, about your proposed resolution and of the empirical work you plan to do.
  2. The dependent variable. Write about what are you trying to explain and why.
  3. Literature overview. Let the reader know, what contribution has been made into this field, what attempts have been done to solve your question and what result did they have. Synthesize the literature.
  4. Your contribution. Tell about what you did and why? How do your actions result from previous research done in this area.
  5. Methodology. Describe what methods you have used in your investigation and explain your choice.
  6. Conclusions and implications. Present the conclusions you made and write how you think the research in this particular scientific area can develop in future. What are your expectations?

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As you see, a research proposal template isn’t something you can write in ten minutes. It’s a hard and daunting task that requires a lot of time and thought invested. Even using a sample research proposal template doesn’t guarantee a successful completion of your own task. Which is why we offer your high-quality writing services, provided by our well-educated writers, who hold Master’s and PhD degrees and thus are experienced in this type of work. Buy your proposal writing template here at Bookwormlab.com and enjoy further academic success!