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If you were looking for outstanding research proposal samples, you probably already have an idea what one looks like. Hopefully, when composing your own writing, you keep in mind, how important it is for your academic career. Then this is exactly the part of your research or dissertation that has to convince the committee that the question you suggest investigating is really worth the effort and the devotion. A research proposal has to prove that you are about to make an important contribution to the area of research you chose and the results of your work can be used in further scientific research. Providing rationale for your research, and doing it clearly, will make a positive impression on the expert panel and will help you get positive feedback.

Of course, there are certain rules about what a research proposal should look like and how it should be formatted.

  1. Start with the name of your teacher or supervisor.
  2. Provide the date and the subject of your writing.
  3. Suggested research title. Provide a short description or the research question.
  4. Purposes. Provide a brief description of what you hope to achieve.
  5. Background. Describe the context of your research and its meaning for this particular area.
  6. Scope. How much time do you intend to invest in the research? How many participants are there going to be?
  7. Theoretical framework. Briefly describe the theoretical framework, that will guide your research.
  8. Method. Provide a full description of the steps you are going to go through, in order to find the answer to the research question.
  9. Timetable. Provide information on what part of your research will be finished in what time.
  10. References. End with the list of references cited in your work.

To get a full idea about what to write, check out this sample of a research proposal , hopefully it will be helpful to you:

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