College Personal Statement

Just like a good resume, a college personal statement will help you sell yourself and make you stand out among thousands of other applications. Your aim is to produce an excellent piece that will help you end up in a college of your dreams. has prepared a list of tips about how to write a personal statement for college and what you should include in it.

How to Write a College Personal Statement?

There are two types of personal statements:

  1. You need to answer the questions provided. They may be related to any sphere of life, your own experience or your position regarding a certain problem.
  2. General statement in which you are free to write about anything you want.

The first type is rather clear and it usually does not evoke any questions in the applicant’s mind. The structure is completely understandable: question-answer.

As for the second type, we’d like to discuss it in detail. Usually in this type of personal statement students like to describe themselves as a person. Here are a few ideas as to what you may include in your paper:

  • Tell how you became interested in the field and what factors influenced your choice of future career.
  • Talk about your personal qualities, what makes you different from other applicants and what contribution you think you can make to the community of this particular educational establishment.
  • Write about an important life experience or a challenge that you faced and coped with. Mention the skills you’ve gained during the hard times in your life and how they will help you in future.

Tips to Remember

  • Your statement has to somehow impress the committee. Be sure to mention the reasons why you are a perfect candidate.
  • Don’t send the same statement to all the schools you’re applying to. Each one has to be specifically tailored in accordance with the requirements of to the institution. We highly recommend that you spend some extra time working on your statements. It will return in a hundredfold to you.
  • When telling about a personal experience, don’t go into too much detail. You don’t want the committee yawning.
  • Remember to mention the skills you have that are useful for the field of study you’ve chosen. Provide enough reasoning in support of your application.

Proofreading Is Vital

Have your parents or a friend or anyone you can trust read your accounting personal statement. You need an honest opinion on it. Before submitting make sure you proofread it several times. Remember that the committee has no tolerance for mistakes. Your paper has to be flawless. You may also use the services of for proofreading. Our professional writer will not only check your paper for grammar mistakes, but also review the structure and the general look of the paper.

Order Personal Statement for College

This is an excellent option for those who lack analytical and summarizing skills or just don’t know how to write a college statement. It’s often hard to characterize yourself from outside. An expert writer will deliver a praiseworthy statement to you. All you need to do is provide enough detail about yourself. Be sure to tell about everything you want mentioned in the text and our writer will put a story together. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us anytime. works 24/7 to serve your academic needs!