Accounting Personal Statement

A personal statement, be it economics personal statement or accounting one, is one of the most important writings in your life. It is vital that you take it seriously. It is a way to get accepted into the college of your dreams. Is it easy to write an excellent statement? No, not even close. But it you do dedicate some time and effort to it, you will be rewarded. will help you with your accounting personal statement and advise you on the writing process.

Where to Begin?

First of all you need to read the accounting personal statement instructions carefully. Different colleges have different requirements regarding this paper. Figure out what type of statement you need to write: whether it’s just answering the questions or an essay. Once you’ve learned what the committee wants to see, it’s time to get down to work.

What Has to Be Mentioned?

While the question-answer type of personal statement is rather understandable, an essay type raises some pretty good questions. Here are some tips as to what you should mention in your application:

  1. Tell the committee about yourself. Mention your personal qualities and what you think will make you a good accountant.
  2. Talk about the skills you’ve gained in certain life situations and what use you may make of them in accounting.
  3. Explain why this particular career path was your choice. What or who influenced your decision?

We recommend that you avoid controversial subjects in your accounting personal statement. You never know who is going to be in your committee and what their point of view on certain problems is. This doesn’t mean that you should not express your opinion on critical issues. What we want to say is that you should avoid burning questions in your personal statement as it is for your own benefit when everyone in the committee agrees with your point of view. Other than that, you live in a free country and you may talk about the issues that worry you as much as you can.

Is the Same Statement Good for All Colleges?

Not really. It is as if you wrote the same application to all the companies you want to work at – it would be impersonal and very general, without any specific details. If you are applying to several colleges, make sure you write a separate personal statement for each of them. And here is why: application committee is looking not only for good future accountants, but also for those who can contribute to the college community. Different colleges have different values and that’s why you can’t use one universal statement.


How Can a Stranger Write a Good Statement About Me?

The main thing to understand here is that a professional writer is not a regular stranger from the street. He or she is a person with excellent analytical and writing skills. A writer is able to combine all the facts he or she knows about you and produce a praiseworthy piece of this mix. Be sure to provide all the information you want mentioned in the statement, describe your experiences or anything that is important to you. You will be surprised how someone who doesn’t know you personally can describe you. Entrust this important piece of writing to and enjoy having an expert do the work for you!