Writing Results for Dissertation

The results section of your dissertation is probably one of the easiest parts of your research. You need to describe your findings without explaining them, just provide your audience with the facts you’ve discovered. Someone, who is interested only in what your dissertation has discovered, would go straight to the results section without studying other sections of your work in depth. That’s why the results of your dissertation need to be written clearly. If you’re not sure you can complete this section yourself, feel free to contact us and we will help you writing results for dissertation or dissertation literature review! Bookwormlab.com is happy to assist its customers with a section of their dissertation as well as the whole dissertation!

You may find it useful to read the results sections written by your friends, who have already defended their dissertation, or scholars, whose works are available in different dissertation databases. It will help you better understand the layout of this section, familiarize yourself with the writing style and learn some useful vocabulary.

Dissertation Results Chapter Checklist

Each chapter of your dissertation should have a certain organization. Having completed the dissertation results section, make sure you did the following:

  • Included all the findings you’ve discovered in the process of your research.
  • Did not give your own opinion on the matter.
  • Expounded your findings according to their relevance, from the most important ones to least important.
  • Provided your readers with enough statistical data and numbers to understand the scale of your research.
  • Entered only relevant results and omitted the minor obvious ones.
  • Used scientific language style.
  • Made sure each table, chart or graph is preceded or followed by an explanation of what information it provides the reader with, because they are very informative, but not always self-explanatory.
  • Were concrete and did not overload this chapter with too much information.

Rule of Thumb for the Results Section of Your Dissertation

The golden rule of the results section remains the same for dissertations on all topics within all subjects. Never discuss your findings in the results section of your dissertation! This chapter is for pure facts only, no opinion or evaluation should be included.

There are some educational institutions, whose regulations of dissertation writing require to combine the results section and the discussion section of your paper. But unless it is clearly stated so in your faculty’s requirements for academic writing, do not evaluate your findings in the results section.

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