Writing Dissertation Literature Review

This part of the dissertation is one of the steps to your academic success. Your committee gives serious consideration to this part of your work because if you can produce a good literature review, you must be able to write a good dissertation as well. As you have understood, your dissertation literature review is one of the several indicators for your committee of how good a researcher you are.

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Steps in Conducting Dissertation Literature Review

This part of a dissertation is a small primary research within your writing. It is an essential part of your work! Without literature review, one could repeat what has already been done by someone else. Take this part of your dissertation seriously and later you’ll understand to what extent it can simplify your work.

Literature review writing process consists of the following:

  • Problem statement. This stage of your literature review identifies the problem. You should determine what type of information you need and figure out the relevant sources.
  • Collection of information. This section is the actual process of data gathering. It should not include any opinions and evaluations, just the data collection itself.
  • Evaluation of the information. Evaluate the information collected, figure out what sources are relevant and should be included in your dissertation literature review section.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the information. This is the written part. After identifying the sources relevant to your topic, you analyze them, explain what has been discovered before and how it has influenced the subject.
  • Conclusion. This is another written part of the literature review. It tells your audience about the gaps in previous research and explains their significance.

Tips on Dissertation Literature Review Writing

  • Talk to your supervisor. Ask him/her what sources they find the most relevant and works of what scholars are worth your attention.
  • Limit the number of sources you want to use. It’s obvious you won’t read all the works on your topic, as it is physically impossible, so try to make your list of reviewed works rather short but consistent and specifical on your topic.
  • Try to find different approaches to the problem you’re addressing in the literature. Compare these approaches, explain their positive and negative aspects.
  • Divide the sources into groups depending on methodology, approach, the theory used and also the date they were published and the contribution they made.

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