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Dissertation methodology chapter explains what methods you used in conducting your research. When writing a dissertation methodology, you are supposed to give your reasoning for choosing your methods and their advantages over other methods. It is a very difficult section to work on, that’s why we would like to offer you dissertation help methodology. Our professional writers are familiar with all possible research methods and they will choose the methods that fit your topic perfectly!

If you think your research design is different from all other researches in the field – it may be worth putting a little more effort in the methodology section. What if your research strategy is unique and no one has conducted a research in a way you did before? You should explain your methods in detail and who knows, maybe one day you will wake up famous!

Read a Sample Dissertation Methodology Before Writing Your Own!

We highly recommend reading a dissertation methodology example before you proceed to writing your own methodology section. It is also very useful to conduct a little research for your dissertation methodology, as you will familiarize yourself with the writing style and get an idea of this chapter’s organization. Ask a friend, who has already defended his or her dissertation, to read their methodology chapter. Don’t go for free dissertation chapters offered by untrustworthy websites. They usually are of very low quality and it is obvious that no professional writer would write a dissertation chapter for free.

What Should I Mention in the Methodology Chapter?

Dissertation methodology describes the methods of data collection and data analysis. It explains to the audience how a certain way of approaching a problem helped you solve it.

Here is a proposal of methodology dissertation plan:

  • Give a short introduction, explain how you chose the methods for your research.
  • Explain why you find these particular methods feasible for your topic.
  • Tell what approach you used in data collection: qualitative, quantitative or mixed and mention the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  • Talk about each of the methods you’ve utilized, describe their pros and cons.
  • Mention the difficulties you’ve encountered using each of the methods.
  • Analyze whether your methods were appropriate and tell if they helped you achieve the anticipated results.
  • Suggest alternative methods that could have been applied in your research and give your reasoning why you haven’t used them.

You may stick to the plan we provided you with or write your own, it doesn’t matter. The basic scheme of methodology dissertation chapter remains the same: introduction-analysis-conclusions.

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