Dissertation Discussion Chapter

When you reach the point where you have to work on your discussion dissertation part you might realize that this is where your real work begins. At first sight it may seem pretty easy to collect certain information and describe it in writing but when it comes to analysis and evaluation, things start to get a lot more complicated. Writing a dissertation discussion is an integral part of your project, which implies that you need to take it seriously in order to succeed.

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When Working on Dissertation Discussion Section

Dissertation discussion section makes a fundamental part of your dissertation project. Here you discuss what you have found out during the research, provide your own in-depth analysis of the facts and their evaluation. You also need to talk about methodology and the particular approach you have chosen for your investigation. Explain your reasoning as to why the method you have picked is the most suitable or acceptable.

Discussion in Dissertation: Things to Watch For

Once you have finished writing your dissertation discussion chapter, make sure you have covered the following aspects:

  • Provide an answer to the principal research question.
  • Give an interpretation for the results you have got.
  • Explain your methodology choice.
  • Talk about the scientific significance of your project.
  • Include recommendations for future research perspectives.

Make sure you have managed to include all the things mentioned above and integrate them into your writing. Once that is taken care of, you are good to go to the next writing stage.

Done With Your Dissertation Discussion Chapter?

Proofread your paper and make sure it is readable for others. Check for cohesion and logical sentence flow. Make sure everything is well organized and compliant with your outline. Eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes that might have occurred.

Note that dissertation discussion section is aimed at demonstrating your scientific opinions and outlooks as those of a scholar. For this reason you need to take care of formatting and paper layout. Every significant part needs to have titles and the text should be logically divided into paragraphs. That way your project will be reprehensible for its readers.

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Based on your understanding of the vitality of dissertation discussion, you would not want to screw up this important writing part. This is a chapter that the committee board will most likely be interested in. Here you present your ability to conduct thorough research, compare and contrast your results and talk about the impact of your project on science.

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