The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book Review

If you are at a complete loss of how to approach your review writing, then you might find it rather useful to go through some of the approaches we have include here. First of all you have to outline the contents of the book. Also, when reading do not forget to evaluate the book and make some critical comments for the things you liked or disliked. Using quotations or references from the book might be helpful when you want to describe a particular theme.

One more thing to do would be comparing the authorโ€™s book with his/her other writings and drawing some parallels. Or you could also compare/contrast the book with a similar work by a contemporary author.

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Ways to Approach The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book Summary

Here are the steps to follow:

    • Read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.
    • Take notes during reading.
    • Make an outline and organize your notes in a way that incorporates the theme.
    • Write a rough draft.
    • Edit and revise before writing the final copy.

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      • end-notes and footnotes
      • bibliography
      • long citations from the book
      • the information irrelevant to the general review theme

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