Book Review Article

As if writing articles wasn’t enough teachers make you write article reviews, which is even more difficult. A review is a short summary of the article that must show your critical assessment of the ideas presented by the author of the article and his or her arguments. Of course, writing an article review requires some expertise in this particular area of research, which you can only acquire through long hours of studying, reading different primary and secondary sources and solving problems. But what to do if you don’t have that much time to devote to such work, but still the review needs to be written well and fast? is your No.1 source for professional help in such situations.

How to Write an Book Review Article

The key purpose of writing a journal article review is to assess and summarize the information presented based on other related texts. You will have to evaluate the content, structure, the text’s strengths and weaknesses. Remember that an academic review must be supported by research at all times.

If you do not know what a critical article review is or how exactly to write one, don’t worry. It’s a knowledge no one gets born with, it’s something you learn. First of all, an article review, as any other writing, needs planning and later on an outline.

After you have read the article and all the related material try to answer the following questions:

  1. Is the article clearly written? Is it easy to read?
  2. Could you easily understand the argument/message?
  3. Was it interesting to read? What impressed you the most?
  4. Were there any spelling and grammar mistakes? Did they affect the reading?
  5. Did the author successfully introduce some sharp, witty or clever bits?
  6. Was the content accurate?
  7. Was the content useful?

Answering these questions naturally presupposes some expertise in the subject, experience and a bit of knowledge about how to write an article review, but if you don’t feel like you have enough of those, you can always turn to a professional service like

In general, an article review should start with a heading, which includes a citation of the reviewed material. The first paragraph, the introduction, provides a summary of the article highlights. You don’t have to include every little detail, only the most important. Try to keep this paragraph short.

The next step would be the brief summary of the article and an explanation, why you find it significant.

Helpful for this part would be the following questions:

  • Does the article contain information you can call a “breakthrough” in its area of research?
  • Will the article cause people to change their ideas on the subject?
  • Or does is simply revisit information they already know?

Professional Help for Your Journal Article Review

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