Special Education Thesis

As any extended scientific work, an education thesis requires a high amount of research, which is overwhelming for many students. It’s hard to write a work on education if you are still learning yourself.

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Choosing among Education Thesis Topics

The first hard decision a student must make, when writing a  thesis on education, is the choice of the topic. If you want to make the writing process easier and more interesting, select a topic that relates to your interests. But keep in mind that your topic must also be interesting enough for the readers.

The topic you choose should be related to a certain problem, to which you can bring a practical or scientific solution. To do so, you need to investigate the existing problems in this particular field of education.

If you need inspiration for choosing a topic, feel free to browse our list of suggested thesis topics within the broad topic of education:

  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Education administration
  • Adult education
  • Special education
  • Alternative methods of education
  • Technology in education
  • Elementary education
  • Educational psychology
  • Education policy
  • Math and science education
  • Physical education
  • Education methods
  • Indigenous education
  • Bilingual education
  • Distance education
  • Educational Standards
  • Emotional/Human education

You can also get inspired by more specific topic like these:

  • Elementary education children safety activities
  • Multicultural education
  • The growth of online education
  • Distance education
  • Library education in the U.S.: Historical analysis
  • Bilingual education problems
  • Education structure

You may also choose one of the special education thesis topics, which concern categories of children suffering from autism, blindness, deafness, emotional disturbance, mental retardation or multiple disabilities.

Your thesis should solve a problem, and not just present a theory. Do some practical research and use it in your thesis. Review different sources like books, journals, previous research papers, online libraries, questionnaires, surveys, etc. to conduct the research.

After you have found a problem, you will find a solution. Put down how are you going to do it, in order to add this information to your research proposal. A research proposal is also a very important piece of writing, on which your academic future depends. A thesis and research are only as important as the thesis proposal.

As soon as the thesis committee approves your thesis proposal, compile the data you have already collected, so you can see, what else you need to complete.

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