Term Paper Topics

Choosing your term paper theme is the first step to tackling a term paper assignment. Your topic will depend on the course for which you are writing the paper, and may even be determined for you by the teacher. If your term paper topic is not given to you, your teacher may be able to help you brainstorm, or at least direct you toward helpful resources in the library and online. Check out how BookwormLab.com can term paper help as well. Choose your topic carefully—you will be investing many hours of researching and writing about this topic, so make sure to choose something interesting and relevant to you that will motivate you throughout the process.

Narrowing in on Good Term Paper Topics

A good term paper theme, first and foremost, must suit the guidelines of the assignment. Even a perfect paper on penguin habitats will be unacceptable for an American history class. A good term paper task will also be easy to research. Don’t choose a topic so narrow in scope that you cannot easily find source material. When choosing your topic, keep in mind that you are going to need to research and write about it by the deadline. Choose something you know at least a little bit about, so you have a starting point for brainstorming sub-sections and enough background to grasp as much as possible from the sources.

Collecting Term Paper Topic Ideas

To collect term paper theme ideas, look over the course syllabus for any chapter or section headings that stand out as particularly interesting to you. If you find a heading that is too broad, consider the subsections as your term paper topic. Jot down a few ones from the syllabus, review the suggested reading on those topics and add ideas you get from there. Narrow your term paper ideas down to one that after a few days of thinking and researching seems interesting, fits the guidelines of the assignment and is easy enough to find information about.

Some interesting topics might be:

  • Some interesting topics might be: Teenage pregnancy rate from the health care system’s perspective
  • Women in China during the periods where geishas were part of popular culture
  • Women in factories and sports while men were away fighting World War II
  • The journeys of Nobel Prize winners from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Technology developed by African tribes

Successful History Term Paper Topics

Let’s say you’re writing a history term paper and need to choose a topic. Try to choose a narrow enough history term paper theme that you will be able to thoroughly address the topic within you deadline limitation, and that you will not simply be repeating what many historians have written before, but rather, bring your own fresh angle to the topic. For example, in American history, The Civil War, World War II, and The Great Depression have been written about exhaustively. If you want to use one of these common topics, narrow your focus to make it unique. For example, write about the experience of young women in the Great Depression, or the female baseball league that formed in the U.S. while men were away at war in WWII.

Not just another Paper: Standing out with Interesting Term Paper Topics

Interesting term paper topics must be relevant to the course material and to your own interests. Choose something broad enough that most readers will find a part that interests them, but narrow enough that you are not simply repeating the general facts everybody already knows. The more unique your angle, the more interesting your term paper theme will be to your reader. BookwormLab.com has extensive experience writing interesting term papers on every topic for every grade-level. If you get stuck choosing of writing about an interesting term paper theme or APA term paper, contact BookwormLab.com today!