Entertaining Speech

Feel tired, because you have spent a great deal of time looking for new creative speech ideas? Have no idea which entertaining speech topic to choose? Feel lost having gone through an ample amount of options in your mind? BookwormLab.com is offering a way out! We have listed some of the strategies that would make a difference in your speech preparation and presentation.

The key to choosing the best topic is to go through the list of entertaining informative speech topics. In case you are searching for one at the moment, the following list might com in handy:

  • Creative April Fool’s Day jokes.
  • The secrets of cheating.
  • The funniest jokes ever.
  • How to go on a blind date?
  • Is Internet dating safe?
  • How to overcome a nervous breakdown?
  • The weirdest things on earth.
  • How does romance affect a relationship?
  • The coolest office jokes.

Tips to Enhance Your Entertaining Speech

As a rule, funny entertaining speech topics are selected for a social occasion. So, when preparing for one, you would like to include some comedy and humour in it. There are so many ways to make your entertaining speech way more fun by adding the following things:

  • tell a joke
  • tell a scary story
  • dramatize a scene
  • tell a real-life funny story
  • add a catchy quotation

The core purpose of the entertaining speech is to get the audience involved in enjoying the scene. Jokes should be simple and grant the audience an opportunity to laugh and relax.

  • Keep it general. Do not make a joke out of something that only a few people would get. Instead, try to generalize.
  • In case you get a feeling that your speech is not capturing enough, be prepared to leave the joke off.
  • Carefully select the tone of your jokes. It is not advisable to use adult humour if there are children in the audience.
  • Add a dramatic life story. People like drama and it will spice the things up.
  • Go through famous entertaining speeches and get a feel of how they have been handled and delivered. Select the people you really admire and respect and watch their performances to learn about the techniques they have used to get the audience’s approval. (e.g. speeches of Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, etc.)
  • Add some visual effects. However, be aware of the fact that random irrelevant pictures/videos will distract the attention of the audience.
  • Do not overwhelm with humour. It is important to stay rational when dealing with jokes.

The Best Entertaining Speech Solution

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