Cover Letter for Resume

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Resume

Look at your cover letter as one of the effective marketing tools. You main objective is to demonstrate the reason why the education you’ve received, work experience and skills you have gained will make you a qualified candidate for the job you are applying for.

Take a look at the main sections:

  1. First of all you have to identify the position you are applying for. State why you are interested in that particular job or organization.
  2. Summarize the reasoning why you are a suitable candidate for the position. Discuss how your skills relate to the requirements. Highlight your accomplishments. Talk about some past experience in the field you were working. Convince them you will make a valuable contribution to the company.
  3. Express gratitude to the people considering your resume and offer to provide some additional information if needed. Include your phone number so they can easily reach you.

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How Important Is It?

Note that you cover letter may make a difference for the future employers when it comes to deciding whether you will be rejected or asked out for an interview. So, it would be pretty reasonable to devote some time and effort to preparing an effective cover letter for resume.

Choose the Right Type

When you are preparing a CV, it is important that you chose just the right type and style appropriate for a particular job you are applying for.

As for the formatting, you should follow business letter style and address the following things:

  • why you are writing
  • what have you got to offer
  • how you are going to manage

What to Include?

Usually a cover letter for resume has the following components:

  • contact information
  • a salutation (greetings)
  • information on why you are qualified
  • closing
  • your signature and date

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