APA Research Proposal Outline

If you have come to the point in your academic career, when you need to write an academic research, you will have to write a research proposal. The procedure of the research itself is usually defined by the field of study, but there are more or less unified standards as to how your writing has to be organized. An APA research proposal is a research proposal written in a manner suggested by the American Psychological Association, and it’s a much more difficult task than you may think at first. Which is why Bookwormlab.com offers you professional help, just to make sure your research proposal meets all the requirements and guarantees you academic success.

Writing an APA research proposal

A research proposal is indeed a very important writing, so before writing it, you should go through all its peculiarities. It may be just a little part of your research paper, but its future and the future of your academic career depend on these few pages. This is the part, where you provide rationale for your research, describe the methodology in full detail, in order to convince the committee that the question you suggest investigating is really worth the attention.

The APA provides rules on how to write an APA style research proposal using certain style, way of organization, and content.

First of all, you will have to follow the general document guidelines:

  1. Margins are one inch on all sides.
  2. Font size and type: 12-pt. Times New Roman font.
  3. Line spacing: choose double-space throughout the whole paper.
  4. Spacing after punctuation: Insert one space after commas, colons, and semicolons within sentences, but two spaces should be put after punctuation marks that end sentences.
  5. alignment: The text should be aligned left, even if this creates an uneven right margin.
  6. Paragraph separation takes 5-7 spaces.
  7. The page number should be placed on the first line of every page, one inch from the right edge of the page.
  8. Running head and active voice are also required by the APA standards.

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