Research Paper Ideas

At high schools and colleges, students get to write dozens of research papers, some of them may be just extended essays, while others are term papers and degree theses. In any case, academic writing requires finding worthy research topic ideas. And that’s the most difficult part. Some might spend weeks or even months searching for a good research topic, however, once found, the rest of the work becomes so much easier.

So, what is a good research topic idea, and how to find one?

What do we mean by a good research paper topic?

The modern education system sets forward a list of requirements or must-have qualities to research topics. These you may not hear from your teacher, at least not all of them, though they are widely acknowledged across the academic community.

  • Significance. By significance, we mean the topic’s value and relevance. First, the topic must be valuable to the academic field, scholarly community, etc. Second, it must be relevant to the specific situation, time, and your degree focus;
  • Feasibility. Whatever topic you have chosen, it should be feasible, i.e., doable, or researchable. It has to meet your research budget, limitations on time, and access to data. Otherwise, what’s the point of taking a topic that is not possible to research?
  • Originality. An absolute must-have quality of every good research topic. Zillions of research papers have been written already, and finding a unique one is hard, indeed. Nevertheless, you must ensure you come up with a unique research paper topic, which doesn’t repeat or overlap with anything else already written;
  • Motivation. Foremost, a good research topic must be interesting for you as a researcher. It must motivate and inspire you to discover something new and meaningful. Also, it should be interesting for your audience;
  • Clarity. Perhaps, an obvious quality, though many students miss the point. A good topic shouldn’t be vague and obscure, ambiguous and overly complicated. The clearer it is, the easier it will be for you and your readers;
  • Access to resources. Even with all the above qualities present, a topic that lacks trustworthy and plentiful resources will be hard for you to dig into (to find evidence) and look shallow and pointless to the readers of your paper;
  • Ethical qualities. Make sure your topic doesn’t violate anyone’s rights and doesn’t offend anyone. It should be morally acceptable and respect every participant of your research.
Research Paper Ideas

Research Paper Ideas

How to generate research paper topic ideas?

Arm yourself with these four powerful techniques for generating research topic ideas:

  1. Using online resources. Everything has become digital these days and can be accessed online. Look for academic forums, research databases, scholarly publications, and social media groups dedicated to science.
  2. Brainstorming ideas. Brainstorming can be either done alone or with your friends and colleagues. Use a whiteboard or post-it notes to collect as many interesting ideas as you can, then shortlist them to a few, and finally find a single topic that works the best for you.
  3. Talking to professors and opinion leaders. Your teacher should be your primary consultant when it comes to your research work. Let’s say you need to write a paper in your English class, talk to your professor and ask for English research paper topic ideas.
  4. Attend seminars and webinars. Being a part of a professional community, and actively participating in webinars, is a good way to find worthy research topics. Networking alone is a popular topic for research paper.

Research paper topic help

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