Research Paper for English

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How to Write a Research Paper for English

Writing this type of a research paper is a pretty tough challenge. It requires:

  • proficient English knowledge (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • expert writing skills
  • great knowledge of thesis presentation
  • advanced research skills
  • decent understanding of materials used in literary criticism
  • access to libraries, periodical databases, electronic sources, etc.

You should be able to make a debatable statement that reveals your perspective and provides you with a supposition for conducting thorough research. It is also very important that your college research paper or global warming research paper is original in content and at the same time complete the body of knowledge in a way that could get accolades and of course good grades.

Start researching by browsing the Internet, and it will help you to get the general idea of what you are going to write about. Of course, you should also consult the library catalog. Remember that using secondary literature can only serve as an aid, while your thoughts, ideas, and conclusions should make the most of your paper.

Choosing a Topic for English Research Papers

The best research topics are ones that originate out of your reading of a work of literature. However, you can always use some common approaches:

  • discussing characters and contrasting them
  • comparing authors and their works
  • analyzing a specific image occurring in several works by different authors
  • studying the political, social, cultural and economic context of particular work
  • researching historical events that influenced the work
  • analyzing the influence of authors life on his work, etc.

It’s always better to choose these topics for research in English, in which you are most proficient. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for senior or freshman research paper topics, as long as the topic is on point, interesting and is relevant to your assignment.

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