Abstract for a Research Paper

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Here are the key points that are required for your research paper to stand out. So, while writing try to focus on:

  • design/methodology/approach
    • Include the main methods for the research. Demonstrate your approach to the topic and reveal the theoretical/subject scope of the paper.
  • originality/value
    • Indicate the new things that have been discovered in the paper. State the value of the paper.
  • practical/social implications
    • Define the outcomes, consequences, and implications of the research. Show the ways it will influence public attitudes or social responsibilities.

If you are still unsure of how your abstract should look like, it might be a good idea to check out some research paper abstract examples online.

Research Paper Abstract Section Format

Here are the main points that need to be covered in the abstract:

  • The subject area of the case
    • If this case has been used previously, then indicate the academic level and the course. If no, what audience will benefit from it?
  • A brief overview of the case
    • List the main points and the argument you are trying to make.
  • Expected learning outcomes
    • What should the readers of the case get from it?
  • List of supplementary materials.
    • For example teaching notes, class exercises, etc.

Research Proposal Writing Tips:

  • check out the academic journals for research paper abstract samples
  • follow all the guidelines for your required format (APA)
  • consult your supervisor, school lab or an academic writing agency, like BookwormLab.com for assistance

What Should an Abstract Outline Include?

Even though abstracts vary depending on discipline, here are some main points that every single abstract should include: an objective, methods, results of product and conclusions. While working on your research paper abstract outline, make sure that it states the main objective and rationale of the project. Do not forget about the methods you have used to accomplish your objectives. The conclusions should follow the results and implications of your project. Your outline will get you one step closer towards the research paper completion. It is advisable for you to look for a research paper conclusion online and make sure that you follow all the guidelines.

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