Finance Personal Statement

If you are new to the experience of personal statement writing, it may do you good to get to know some useful structure elements and the secrets it takes to come up with a worthy project on your own.

Typically a personal statement should be about one page long, covering the following points:

  • Why you’ve decided to choose the program.
  • Previous positions of responsibility you have held (internships, exchange programs, relevant work experience).
  • Your personal achievements and how they have altered your personality.

In case you have difficulties with any of those parts, feel absolutely free to ask for help. We know exactly what it takes to craft outstanding finance personal statements.

Excellency Is Here

You have to keep in mind that a good personal statement is a valuable asset you submit to your admission application. Thus you get a chance to express yourself, shine the light on yourself, discuss your interests and explain your motivations.

The most important thing is to be sincere. You don’t want to tell lies in order to make an impression. Sooner or later it will become obvious.

Try to be laconic and precise. Note that the admissions office gets hundreds of applications. You don’t want to overload your writing with huge sentences.

Setting a Priority on Personal Expression

Here is the typical pattern of how finance personal statements should look like:

  • Statement of purpose.
    • Here you’ve got to explain why you are interested in this or that course and how it will contribute to your personal growth.
  • Academic background.
    • Talk about your academic achievements. Mention the scholarships you have got and the certificates you have been granted with.
  • Area of interest.
    • Convince the committee that finance is your number one priority and main area of interest. Do you have the necessary analytical and mathematical skills? Are you good at problem solving techniques? etc.
  • Preparation for postgraduate study.
    • Describe the classes you have been taking in college. Was your program related to any computer-based courses?
  • Extra-curricular activities.
    • Here you need to mention in what activities beside school you have been involved. Talk about your community and the volunteer services you have performed.
  • Career plans.
    • Share your perspective on the career you are planning to pursue. How is it related to the program you are applying for?
  • Reasons to choose your university grad school.
    • Convince the selections and admissions committee that their university is the right match for you as a young specialist.

No More Writing Issues

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