Art Personal Statement

Applying to art school is a whole lot more challenging that applying to any other school. Wonder why? Well because all of the applicants are very creative and you have to work extra hard to stand out of thousands of great personal statements. has prepared a list of useful tips that will help you produce an excellent piece. Keep reading to learn more!

Art Personal Statements: Where to Start?

A good beginning makes a good ending. A personal statement is one of the most important writings in your life and that’s why we recommend that you take it seriously. Here are a few tips that will help you ensure you’re going the right way:

  1. You should start thinking about it in advance. Make sure you have enough time before submission, as you may want to review and alter the text a bit.
  2. Make a plan of your text. Think of what you want to tell about and what effect you want it to have on the reader.
  3. Write a rough draft of your art personal statement, include all the basic information. The more you think about it, the more ideas come to your mind, so don’t expect the first version to be final.

Secret of Success

Writing a personal statement is in many ways very similar to writing a resume or a cover letter. In both cases you have to sell yourself and convince someone you are a perfect candidate. How is it done? You simply need to highlight those of your qualities that are valuable for the institution you’re applying to. Make sure you do some pre-research and know perfectly what the school is looking for in its students-to-be.

Sample of an Art Personal Statement

At first it may seem unnecessary to go through several art personal statements before you start writing your own. But once you give it a little more thinking, you realize it’s actually worth it. And here is why:

  • You get to understand the layout and the general organization of the paper.
  • You may get inspired by other people’s stories.
  • You get to experience what the committee feels when reading personal statements and realize for yourself what should be included and what you wouldn’t want to see in it.

We recommend that you search for art personal statements that you know for sure were successful. Using them does not mean plagiarizing, but getting ideas and trying to figure out what is worth having place in such an important piece of writing.

Where to Look for Art Personal Statements?

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