Critique a Research Article

Many students make the mistake of thinking that a critique of an article is just a detailed summary. A summary merely answers the question ‘What did the author say?’, but a critique must analyze and evaluate. It may be hard to find inspiration for writing an article critique, or to find time to dig deeper into the issue, that is why offers professional help for this kind of situation. Our well-educated writers are able to analyze to elaborate on any topic and will provide you with a sophisticated critique a research article.

Define the Research Article Critique

Any critique is a type of paper, where you need to look critically at what the author is claiming, evaluate the research methods, and look for possible problems with, or applications of, the researcher’s claims. Thus, in an introduction to your critique of a research article you will have to overview of the author’s main point and how he or she supports it. The next step is interpreting the information from the article. Think about the following:

  • What is the author’s main point?
  • What is the author’s purpose?
  • Evaluate the research methods. Do you find them useful?
  • Evaluate the writing. Was it clear and understandable?
  • Evaluate the visuals. Where they helpful?
  • How can the research results be applied?
  • What further research can be conducted?

To conclude your writing, synthesize the pieces of your critique to emphasize your own opinion, relating the researcher’s work to the topic being discussed in your class.

These hints will help you learn how to critique a research article:

  • Identify and explain the author’s ideas and his or her main purpose. You can include specific quotes or passages to support your point of view.
  • Offer your own opinions and (counter) arguments. Describe several points with which you agree or disagree.
  • Provide evidence (quotes, for example) for each of the points you mention.
  • Explain how the passages support your opinion.

APA Article Critique

In order to write an APA article critique, whether it’s a journal critique a research article or research one, you need to be familiar with APA style guide. In particular, you need to know the general guidelines pertaining to spacing, margins, fonts, abstract, text citations, body, title page, quotations, etc. You writing should be organized and clear. A transparent and logical structure shows that you have properly worked on this particular subject and you can convey your thoughts consistently.

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