12 Monkeys Movie Review

Movie reviews are assigned in a number of classes with the primary goal to evaluate student’s ability to summarize large chunks of information into a small comprehensible written work. In addition, students need to:

  • possess excellent communication skills
  • have analytical skills
  • be aware of grammar accuracy
  • know the formatting requirements

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Once the review is written, make some copies and hand them over to other people for them to read and evaluate it. It is nice to have other people’s insight about your work.

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  • Watch the movie more than once if circumstances allow. That way you will not miss any important key elements.
  • Go ahead and critique the film. Provide valid reasoning as to why you liked it or not. Support it with evidence and examples.
  • Adjust your writing style in accordance with the target audience.
  • Rate the actors and judge the storyline. Think what could have been done different to make the film better.
  • Adhere to the rules and tips we have included for you.

Remember not to give away the ending or any other spoilers, because you would not want to have the scene ruined for the viewers. The point is to keep them intrigued and interested.

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