Marketing Mix Papers

Marketing mix is a term that describes the use of Four P’s (product, price, place, promotion) in attempt to position a product for specific segments in the marketplace. Marketing mix papers are special types of college papers that usually cover such topics as product features, price calculation, effective means of advertisement, etc. Professors often offer such academic essay topics to students. On the one hand, as any other college essay writing, marketing mix papers can improve their knowledge; on the other, marketing mix papers require not only brainstorming, but also application of marketing concepts and principles to specific products and companies. Additionally, marketing paper is not an ordinary college essay example. It is a part of marketing strategies paper or a research, which requires both writing and calculations.

Parts of Marketing Mix Paper

When describing a product in a marketing paper, student should address the following issues. He/she should describe unique characteristics of a product, volume of units manufactured, etc. “Place” section is another important part of the marketing mix papers. In this section, both locations of the company and possible distribution channels should be described. “Price” section should contain calculations of the final price for the customer (including all internal and external factors that may affect the price). When describing promotion, student must describe individual communication, public relations and brand management. All parts of the marketing mix papers listed above should be present in the college essay. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a low grade from professor. Students are usually advised to use books and periodicals when performing this type of academic writing. Therefore, writing marketing mix papers takes hours or even day depending on the academic level of the research (school, college, university, etc.)

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