Microbiology Lab Report

Scientific written assignments differ a lot from other types of college writing. They should be informative, clear and easy to understand. And there is a specific style you have to follow, when writing scientific texts. Microbiology is an area quite difficult to cope with and the tasks you will have to complete may look intimidating at first. Especially, if you are new to this field and only beginning your academic career. If you aren’t sure you can handle everything right and you need a good example to follow in future, feel free to avail yourself of the professional help that Bookwormlab.com is offering you. There is no need to feel anxious about writing a microbiology lab report, when you have such a great team of helpers on your side!

Micro biology Lab Report: Where to Start?

The good thing about scientific writings is that, unlike fiction, they have a defined structure that has to be followed. This makes it easier to learn to write one. For example:

  • Scientific writings are usually written in the passive voice and pronouns like I, me, we are being omitted.
  • The biggest part of the report is being written in the past tense, the present tense may be used only when writing about the conclusions about the results of your study.
  • The name of the studied bacterium should be written and spelled correctly. Don’t forget to capitalize the name of the genus.

A strict microbiology lab report format is what helps students writing a clear and consecutive lab report:

  1. Introduction. Introduces the reader to the study and name reasons why the study was carried out in the first place.
  2. Materials and methods. List the details of the study. What specimen did you work with? Where did it come from? What methods did you use to identify it? Be specific, but don’t copy the microbiology lab study guide.
  3. Results. This part speaks for itself. Describe and summarize the results.
  4. Discussion & conclusion. This part interprets the results. Speak about how did the test result helped the identification. Was the identification correct? If not, explain why. What problems did you encounter?
  5. References. List the sources you used in the correct referencing format.

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