Biology Lab Report

If you are taking a biology class, it is natural that someday you will get an assignment to write a biology lab report. The purpose of this report is to show that you have conducted an experiment and show that you have understood its aim and what has happened during the process of the experiment.

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Biology Lab Report Format

A typical lab report format consists of the following elements:

  • introduction
  • materials and methods
  • results
  • discussion
  • conclusion
  • citation

In the Process of Writing a Biology Lab Report?

Writing a biology lab report or physics lab report is not that difficult if you know the core principles and techniques of the procedure. You need to know how to describe your scientific experience in a away that would be interesting for the readers. It may be easier if you break down the assignment in to logical questions and try to provide answers to them:

  • What did you do? (describe the procedure)
  • Why did you do it? (talk about the purpose and methodology)
  • How did you do it? (analyze the procedure and conclusions)

Now, if you gradually answer those questions, the only thing left to do would be to write it down. Another thing to keep in mind is the required biology lab report format. You have to stick to the specifications provided by your teacher and not to invent anything new.

Biology Lab Reports: General Style Guidelines

There are some general guidelines you have to take into consideration while writing a biology lab report.

  • Italicize all scientific names.
  • Mind the word usage for “data” (data – singular, datum – plural).
  • Avoid using the first person. Keep an impersonal tone.
  • Do not use slang or contractions.
  • Be consistent in the terminology word usage. Knows How to Write a Biology Lab Report

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