Personal Experience Essay

The main purpose of writing a personal experience essay is to share an appealing experience from your life, to teach the reader a lesson or simply to provide useful information. But sometimes this type of essay turns out to be an overwhelming task for many students. At first sight, it may seem an easy task because it is their personal experience and no one can talk about it better. But on the other hand, it’s so difficult to talk about yourself and to be objective. If you feel stuck with writing this assignment and no one can help you with that, feel free to ask for assistance! Our top-notch writers are ready to help, whenever you need them!

Writing a Personal Experience Essay

Basically, this type of essay follows a common structure of all essays. But you have to keep in mind, that an essay on personal experience focuses on what you have gone through, the impact these events had on you, the main theme is a situation that you consider crucial to your development as a person. And when you start, all you need is just a pen, a sheet of paper, your wit, wisdom and the desire to be open and to share.

  • The Subject. Start with picking a subject that you think will be interesting. Maybe you want to tell about your first job experience, your first serious relationship or a defining achievement? Or maybe you would like to tell about something that was really embarrassing? Explain why you picked this topic and how you want to approach the subject. Your choice may be based on the season or simply on events that triggered this particular memory. Define the emotional tone: ironic or funny, wise or sad.
  • The Story. Tell the story itself, tell it like an anecdote. Write actual scenes. Begin with background events that led to the main event, end with the outcome of what has happened to you. Add your own impressions and what you have learned. The story should sound personal and strike a chord with anyone reading it.
  • The Experience. Different people have a different experiences. Not all of them are suitable for everyone. So if you want your essay to be a valuable read for everyone, try to think of something that many people can relate to.

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