Personal Essay

What Can You Do about a Personal Essay?

Have you ever wondered β€œWhat is a personal essay?”To look at it closely, just about any essay may be considered a personal essay. This is the type of writing that includes your personal ideas and beliefs about the topic. The writer has to convey his/her own thoughts, feelings and ideas. Therefore, when working on a personal essay, it is better to write in the first person. The particular type of personal essay writing is mostly required at colleges or universities. What they are looking for are the papers where students explain their motivation for the future. It is important to highlight those as personalized in order to create opinion – oriented writings. Finally, you should be the one who defends your own thoughts and opinions presented in the paper.

Personal Essay Ideas for You!

Stuck with writing a personal essay? Running out of ideas for what you could be doing? Take your time to reconsider. Do some brainstorming. Here’s what you could focus on:

    • peoplethatinspireyou
    • yourmotivation
    • thingsyoufeelpassionateabout

The main thing is for you to find and pick out a topic that will serve as an inspiration. And then you will be able to dwell on your own experience and the whole process will get a lot easier. So all you have to do is focus on what really grabs your interest! And do not forget about expressiveness in writing.

How to Get Started?

If you are still at a loss and do not know what to write about, take a look at some clues we have prepared for you. Perhapstheywillmake a differenceforyou!

  • Think of a life turning experience. Describe and analyze it. What lessons have you learned?

This may be a particular event that you have had in your life. Here you are to show your critical thinking skills and self-analysis.

  • Discuss an issue of personal or global importance.

Show how it is related to you and what your attitude towards the solution is. Try to reveal your character, show your personality and passions in this essay.

  • Talk about a person that has affected your life significantly.

You do not necessarily have to talk about role models here. Try to think out of the box and discuss something new about your life. Share a lessonthatyouhavelearned.

  • Focus on your academic activities, interests and experience.

From your personal background highlight the things you consider relevant for bringing diversity into your college/community/study group.

Keep in mind that your own ideas for a personal essay will help the college board get to know you better and distinguish you from the rest of the applicants.

Watch out When Writing personal Essays

Once you get to the point where you are learning more and more about how to write a personal essay, you will see there are some pretty essential things you need to stay focused on. Checkoutthelistwehavegotforyou:

  • Language

Try to use active voice, watch for consistency in tenses. Keep in mind that specific descriptions are exactlythe ones to make your personal essay writing stand out!

  • Descriptions

Be specific with descriptions when talking about your feelings, emotions or beliefs.

  • Structure

Stick to the rules of basic composition, which include an introduction, the body paragraphs and a conclusion.

  • Voice

Write from your heart. You are discussing something you feel passionate about. Therefore, your paper has to sound natural.

Depending on the given personal essay format, there may be more things to take into account.

Personal Essay Tips for You!

So now that you are about to get to the process of writing a personal essay, there will be some things you should take notice of! Hereyougo:

  • Do the editing. Allow your paper to rest for some time. Then go back and proofread it again. Youwillseenewideaswillcomeout.
  • Ask for proofreading. Before you actually submit the final copy of a personal essay or persuasive essay for sale, get a second opinion about what you have already written.
  • Rewrite. Do not be afraid to go back and make changes and introduce new things. There will be so many more tips to take into account!

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