Explanatory Essay

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Possible Explanatory Essay Topics

If experiencing any kind of difficulties trying to think of interesting such essay topics, feel free to choose something from our list:

  • Explain why getting a driver’s license is an important event in the lives of many teenagers.
  • Describe the major stress sources in the life of modern teens.
  • Describe some non-material values.
  • Explain why you like to work in a team (or on the contrary).
  • Explain why some parents do not like to stay alone with their child’s boy- or girlfriend.
  • Describe the likely consequences of doing poorly in school.
  • Explain why some teens decide to commit suicide.
  • Explain how music affects your life.
  • Describe the likely consequences of taking drugs.
  • Explain the influence of different music genres on society.
  • Explain the likely consequences of increasing the duration of the pause between classes from five to fifteen minutes.
  • Describe what you feel a boy should do if he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.
  • Explain how much life of a teenager will change once she has a baby.
  • Explain the likely consequences of teens becoming sexually active.
  • Describe the ways you help out at home.
  • Explain why it is helpful to organize your materials and activities.
  • Explain why some teenagers dislike saying the pledge to the flag.
  • Explain the likely consequences of abolishing capital punishment.
  • Explain the likely consequences of ending forced busing.
  • Describe a couple of ways how students can spend their leisure time productively.
  • Explain why dealing with their parents’ divorce can be difficult for the majority of teens.
  • Describe three things you would like to change in the world and explain why you would want to do that.
  • Describe the things that bring you the greatest happiness.
  • Select three objects that symbolize our culture and explain your choice.
  • Explain your interest in a particular career.

Preparing a Explanatory Outline

Once you already know what you are going to write about, it’s high time you to develop a proper outline. As usual, it will serve as a blueprint for your actual explanatory or expository essay. Here is the main guideline you need to follow when writing such essay outline.

  • briefly summarize your thesis and structure the form of the essay around it;
  • order the main points that support your thesis in a way that makes sense for the reader;
  • make sure there are at least 4 basic paragraphs.

Creating an effective outline makes half the way because further writing is generally extending your outline to the sizes of the real essay.

Explanatory Essay Format

  • The introduction including three parts – the background, where the reader gets information about the main idea; the contention, which is a statement of belief or position, and the process that describes the order, in which the parts support the contention.
  • The body contains a number of paragraphs, containing the points that support the main idea of the essay.
  • The conclusion also has three parts –   the first part explains the same thing as the contention, the second one briefly summarizes the information in the body, and the third one talks about the background of the main idea of the essay.

Using an Explanatory Essay Examples

If this is the first time you are writing this type of essay, use this type of paper example to get an idea of the structure and format used. You can obtain it from online sources browsing the web or use the one Bookwormab.com offers you.

After careful examination of such essay examples, you will be totally ready to get down to writing. Still, if any questions or problems occur, our team of skillful writers and editors will eagerly provide you with professional assistance.