Critical Response Essay

This type of an essay normally relates to images in the author’s own life. When writing the essay, the reader is looking for a degree of creativity in your analysis that supports your arguments. In your essay writing sample, the reader is determining the ways that you can read through a work of literature and formulate your own opinions – the ability to look at work and state how these contribute to the overall meaning within the literature analysis. Personal response essays have also been termed reaction essays. These paper examples include space literature essays, critical essays, etc.

Knowing How to Write Response Essays

When writing this essay, you will need to include a good thesis statement. This helps in asserting your point of view. The essential difference is that this essay is an opinionated essay, as opposed to that which relies upon facts or evidence. Hence it may commence with words like “I believe that..” or “In my opinion..” after the body of the response or reaction. You’ll need to finish the research essay with a conclusion. This summarizes what has been said, and will state the thesis or opinion. This is best stated in such a manner that avoids repetitive statements in your writing.

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Write Critical Response Essay

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