Writing a Dissertation Abstract

This part of a dissertation is a very important section as it is most often viewed, read and published. It is a brief description of your work, explaining what you did and what you achieved in your dissertation. Obviously, you want your dissertation abstract to be written perfectly and, though briefly, to completely explain your aims and results. Bookwormlab.com offers you to buy this dissertation part online! Our professional writer will deliver an excellent piece to you just on time!

Parts of a Dissertation Abstract

There are four main parts of a published summary:

  1. Introduction. This section gives a short historical background on your topic. Also, you provide reasoning why this particular topic was your choice for dissertation writing and explain its significance to the subject you’re pursuing.
  2. Methodology. Here you need to explain why you chose certain methods for your research. Are these methods the most suitable for your topic? Were there any other methods you could have applied in your research, and, if so, why haven’t you? What approach, qualitative or quantitative, have you used in your dissertation?
  3. Findings. Talk about the results of your research. What have you achieved? Are these the anticipated results or not? Were the questions you’ve addressed at the beginning of your research answered? This part shouldn’t contain any analysis and evaluation, just pure statements. Don’t go into too much detail, provide general information and facts you’ve discovered.
  4. Conclusions. This section provides your audience with the evaluation of your work. Explain what you have learned, discuss the complexity of your research, tell how it influenced the discipline and what contribution it made.

How to Write Dissertation Abstract?

As you can see a dissertation summary is a miniature of your dissertation. It doesn’t have all the details, charts, tables, figures, etc. that the main body of your dissertation has. This is exactly why your abstract should be very informative and consistent. You need to sift all the information and pick the most valuable parts.

Keep in mind that a dissertation published summary is usually not longer than a page. It will be published on different dissertation database websites, so make sure it provides a short but clear description of your research.

Where to Get Dissertation Abstract Help?

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