Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is your first serious large-scale research assignment. It is based more on what you have already learned than the new discoveries you can make. It is a summary of knowledge within the subject that proves you have gained certain skills and know how to conduct research.

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Why Is the Structure of an Undergraduate Dissertation Important?

As your first major research assignment, you will learn how to structure dissertations as most of them have pretty much the same organization. You will utilize the same structure in future, when writing your graduate and maybe even doctoral dissertations! The names and the order of some chapters may vary depending on your faculty regulations on dissertation writing, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before you start writing.

The Outline of an Undergraduate Dissertation

  1. Introduction. This section gives your audience some general and background information on your topic, explains why you’ve chosen it and gives the idea of the results you expect to achieve from your research.
  2. Literature review. There has to be a lot of reading done prior to writing this section. It contains a brief description of the previous research conducted on this topic. Obviously, you can’t read all the works on the subject, as there may be a very big amount of them. It could be useful to make a list of all the relevant works and then simply prioritize them according to the aspect of the topic you’re researching about.
  3. Methodology. This chapter gives an explanation as to what methods and approaches were used in your research and how the information was collected and analyzed.
  4. Findings or results. It introduces the findings you’ve explored in the process of your research, analyzes and interprets them to the audience.
  5. Discussion. This is the part of your dissertation where you evaluate the results of your research and give your critical opinion on them.
  6. Conclusions. This section tells whether you’ve managed to answer the questions you’ve addressed in the introduction.
  7. References or bibliography. It contains a list of sources you used in your research. Make sure you include only the works you cited, not those you just read for general information on the topic.

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