Political Science Dissertation

A political science paper is your last step in pursuing a political science degree. No wonder everyone wants their dissertation to be perfect but not all students know how to make it happen. As dissertations on all other subjects, writing political science dissertation is a long and exhausting process that involves dedication, hard work, and a real passion for this discipline. If you feel that this is not the job for you, Bookwormlab.com is pleased to offer you dissertation writing help.

Political Science Dissertations Structure

There is a certain structure each dissertation needs to have. Some chapters may vary because of different requirements of different universities but, generally, the structure remains similar for all subjects and all sciences.

    • Introduction. This chapter should include some background information on your topic, state what your predecessors left out. Provide the particular question you are going to investigate and give a short description of the paper in general.
    • Literature review. This section gives your audience the idea of what had already been discovered in the field, how it correlates with your topic and what influence previous research has on your project.
    • Methodology. Give the reasons for choosing the methods and approaches for your work. Explain why you find this particular method/approach the most suitable for your dissertation.
    • Results. This section describes the findings of your research.
    • Conclusion. Go back to your problem statement and analyze whether you have managed to answer all the questions you had addressed from the very beginning.
    • Bibliography. This last section of your dissertation includes all the sources you have used for your research.

Tips on Political Science Dissertation Writing

      • Use different techniques in your research, such as conveying surveys, collecting statistical data, model building, and running a case study.
      • State your paper significance. Explain to the committee why your work is valuable to political science in general.
      • Make sure the introduction and conclusions correspond. Pay particular attention to these sections! These parts of your paper are often reviewed first. Be sure that all the questions you had stated in the Introduction have been answered and the conclusions are based on them.
      • Timing is essential! The research does take time. Make sure you have enough time to conduct yours. You donโ€™t want to fall behind the schedule.

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