Literature Dissertation

A literature dissertation is usually a long piece of work that requires more involvement than any of those you have done previously and comes as the culmination of a specialized course. Any dissertation is being written to acquire a higher degree, and this one is going to be especially hard to complete. To write an English literature dissertation, you will have read gazillions of works of fiction and as many literature reviews and critique. But what if you haven’t learnt enough background information? Or you just can’t put what you have read into words? What if you loved a book to pieces, but you simply don’t possess the way of thinking, necessary to analyze the book? Don’t be scared, it can happen even to the best of us. In situations like these is your No.1 source of help! Our proficient writers hold Masters and PhD degrees and thus they know what a perfect dissertation in any discipline must be like!

Where Should You Begin Writing a Literature Dissertation from?

  1. The first task is the most difficult: you need to pick a topic.
  2. After you have settled the angle of research, you need to read a wide range of primary texts and critical works to find out, what has been done in this area of research and what contribution can you make with your work.
  3. While reading through these primary and secondary sources, collect the titles of works, written by established scholars.
  4. Use them to build your thesis on and do not forget to make a list of references, formatted according to your university standards.
  5. It is indeed important to write a literature review for dissertation, because getting familiar with already existing significant scientific works is half of the research.

When it comes to compiling your literature dissertation, common rules of thesis writing apply here as well. In other words, the writing begins with an introduction, where you state your thesis, then you develop your argument over several chapters and sum up with a conclusion. The final part would be the list of references and appendices.

But keep in mind, this work is much more extensive and sophisticated, than your undergraduate writings. Moreover, post-graduate work is being assessed at a much higher standard, which is why you have to approach this kind of research with a big deal of responsibility. Don’t forget, your degree depends on this piece of writing.

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Turns out a literature dissertation sounds like a time-consuming and daunting task. At first reading and collecting notes, then working on an outline, so you can organize your notes according to it, and writing conclusions afterwards. If you feel like after years of studying you just can’t make this final step, avail yourself of the professional help offered by! We employ only the best writers, who will relieve you from all the dissertation stress and provide you with a flawless thesis that will guarantee your success!

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