Health Dissertation

Those students who are enrolled in a higher graduate program such as PhD have to write a dissertation in order to obtain their degree. Writing a dissertation is all about working hard: doing a lot of reading, investigating, taking notes, organizing all the findings and drawing conclusions. This may look like a lot more than you have ever dealt with before. Undoubtedly, the work written to acquire the higher degree is not always as easy as some may think.

Do you feel you are still up to complete this huge piece of work successfully? You have already come this far in your medical studies and your studies have been pretty excruciating, so there is no need to be afraid to admit that you are worn off and you no longer have strength or inspiration to work on your health dissertation. If you perceive your dissertation as an insurmountable challenge and think that you will not manage to complete it, do not put your grades at risk – avail yourself of some professional help! Remember that is always there for you whenever you need academic assistance!

Public Health Dissertation Topics

When working on such dissertation it is of utmost importance to pick the right topic for your research that will match your scientific interests and will be related to your professional credentials. The selection of dissertation topics is broad, so you can just take a look at some topics that already exist and select the one that inspires you most.

  • Factors of physical health (physical disabilities, obesity problems, the impact of healthy diet on the overall condition, impact of environment and pollutants on our health, etc.)
  • Mental health (impact of the environment on children’s mental health, development of mental health disorders, precautions, and prevention methods for a good mental health condition)
  • Public healthcare policies (healthcare quality management, risks in the healthcare center, clinical risk management policies, supply management chains in the national health system, health sector, etc.)

Process of Writing Public Health Dissertation

Once you have chosen a topic, you will feel like you have made some significant progress. And it sure is true! However, you will need to go through the following things to proceed. Here’s where you should start:

  • Compose an outline. This well-thought-out plan will help you keep up with writing.
  • Collect information from primary and secondary sources. Study the previous works or studies conducted in your field and define what kind of a new contribution you could make.
  • Your dissertation needs to end with conclusions, appendices, etc.

It is advisable to write the introduction at the end of the whole paper completion process so that if anything goes wrong or not the way you have expected it, you can always rewrite it!

However, if you do get in a situation where you just have no idea of what to do, feel free to ask for dissertation writing help.

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