Marketing Paper Example

A marketing paper is an essay or report that discusses topics in marketing. Many college or university students studying a marketing course get assignments of writing various marketing papers. 

A marketing paper aims to delve deeper into a specific marketing topic, conduct thorough research and report on the findings. We’ll look at what should be included in any academic marketing essay, how to format them, and the topics that may be covered.

Marketing Essay Example

Marketing essays follow a structure similar to many other research essays. Whatever topic you choose to write about will need to be well-researched. This research will form the basis of your essay and influence its outcome. Once you’ve conducted in-depth research on your chosen topic, you can structure your marketing essay in the following way. 

  1. Introduction Your introduction should include a thesis statement that summarises what your essay is all about. This should follow with an outline of what your essay will be discussing. 
  2. Research Your essay’s body will showcase your research and points that back up your thesis statements. You’ll want to set every paragraph out the same, starting with your point, then a description and explanation, followed by research, examples and findings. The essay will usually include 3 to 5 points. 
  3. ConclusionFinally, a marketing essay will end with a conclusion. This should summarize all the points discussed, revisit the thesis statement and come to a final concluding statement.

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Marketing Essay Topics

Marketing covers a broad range of topics, from market research to advertisement and everything in between. A marketing essay could touch on any aspect of this product or service lifestyle. Let’s look at some marketing essay topics and what you might write about. 

Content Marketing Paper

A marketing essay about content marketing will likely focus on the styles of content created for marketing and evaluating their success.

Search Engine Marketing Paper

Search engine marketing looks at how to make your website stand out from competitors in the online search. A paper on this topic could evaluate the importance of optimizing your site for search and its impact on revenue.

Digital Marketing Essay

A digital marketing essay may focus on, analyze or evaluate any aspect of digital marketing, for example, PPC advertising or SMS notifications.

Email Marketing Paper

A marketing essay on email marketing could look at the different styles of email used to push customers through the marketing funnel.

Marketing Mix Essay

The Marketing Mix looks at the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. An essay on this topic might research a particular brand or product and examine how they utilize the marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing Essay

A marketing essay about social media could analyze the different tactics used across different platforms and how this has worked for various brands. 

Web Marketing Paper

Web marketing addresses the marketing mix online. For example, your essay might focus on how a product or service is marketed on the web.

Marketing Essay Writing Help

When writing a marketing essay, you should include examples and references to support your research and findings. Ensure you use reliable sources of data for your research. Include headings, bullet points, tables, graphs, and whatever else might help to support your points.

Usually, your college or university can provide marketing essay help. For example, they can advise on the structure and layout of your content and help proofread for any errors grammatical mistakes. To further support your essay writing, you can reach out to external services where you can buy marketing essay writing assistance. They can help with content you might have missed or help guide you in the right direction on a particular topic.