The Cay by Theodore Taylor – Tips for Writing a Book Review

We assume you came here because you have been tasked with writing a book review or an essay on “The Cay” by the famous American writer, Theodore Taylor. You must have heard nothing about this book, or the information you have is not sufficient to write a good review.

Especially for you, this article is a great starting point, in which we are delighted to give you a few useful tips! Take a notepad or open your laptop and let’s get started!

The Cay by Theodore Taylor study guide

To write an essay or a book review on Theodor Taylor’s “The Cay”, you need a good action plan – a sequence of actions that will lead you to the desired outcome.

However, at first, you need to read this novel carefully, understand it, including the plot, the author, and the context of the book (when and under which circumstances it was written), and analyze it with all your passion and critical thinking talents.

Then, start writing your essay or a book review using the following template:

  1. Introductory paragraph. Start with a hook – tell something interesting and compelling about the book.
  2. An essential summary of the book (including the plot, key characters, and arguments – in general, tailor your information to your specific target audience).
  3. Analysis and evaluation. Give a detailed overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the novel, providing examples, and quotes.
  4. Themes and the key messages. Focus on the most important messages and themes, in your understanding. Explain why you consider them important.
  5. Personal reflections. Provide your subjective assessment of the book: what do you think of the book, does it impress, inspire or motivate you, what do you dislike in this book?
  6. Conclusions. Draw a bottom line to your analysis of “The Cay”. Summarize your main points. Recommend or don’t recommend reading it.

The Cay by Theodore Taylor summary

In the novel “The Cay”, Theodore Taylor tells the story of an eleven-year-old boy, who during the WWII loses his mother in an incident with a German submarine, when trying to cross the ocean in a boat. The boy then becomes stranded on a tiny uninhabited cay, where he finds himself with another survivor – an African-American man. The story of the boy named Phillip is full of prejudice, the true nature of friendship, empathy, and personal revelations.

The reader watches as Phillip grows stronger, cognizes the meaning of a true friendship, and learns to cooperate to survive. It is not easy to analyze this book from a pure survivalist perspective or as an adventure. Whoever is going to write a book review on this novel needs to take the emotional and psychological aspects of the plot and the characters into account.

This or any other summary for The Cay by Theodore Taylor cannot be enough to write a good quality essay, and especially a book review. Reading the whole book is a must.

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