Writing a Non Fiction Book Report

A non-fiction book report assignment is always a test of our reading and writing skills. The first challenge is choosing an interesting book to review. Sure enough, one must read the book prior to writing a report on it. And that is the second, and the main challenge in this undertaking, since we normally read more fiction books in our lifetime than non-fiction ones.

While we are kids in elementary, middle school, or even students at a high school or college, this task is even more difficult as, due to our young age, most of us have hardly read a couple of non-fiction books.

But don’t worry, we will show you where to find examples of book reports and where to seek help in writing one yourself!

Where to find a non fiction book report example?

Foremost, check out your immediate academic resources, such as course materials and the library of your school or college. As odd as it sounds, what we are looking for is often closer than we think.

A physical library may have a number of limitations, that’s why we also recommend checking the available online libraries and other resources. Start with the free resources first. Sites focusing on academic help often offer free databases of writing samples – this is where you can find book reports similar to the one in your task.

Furthermore, check out specialized web resources that offer subscription plans. Normally, those provide much better support to their clients. If you are lucky, you will quickly find the report on your specific book, but you cannot just borrow it and present it as your own paper (for ethical and plagiarism issues).

If everything above seems like too much hustle for you, a better option is always available!

Non fiction book report help

Plenty of writing companies can support you with writing a non-fiction book report. However, there are only a few reliable ones that we can recommend.

One such company is Bookwormlab – a credible source of varied academic help, including book reports and book reviews.

Their expert writers will make you a bespoke report on your specific book. Alternatively, you can ask them to come up with a suggested topic and write you a report from scratch. These guys are experienced in writing reports and reviews of any complexity level, and so far, we’ve heard only positive user feedback on their services.

Be aware of the difference between a book report and a book review, as the two differ in purpose – a report is more about presenting the contents of the book, while a review has a reporting part, plus your personal analysis and evaluation of the book. So, be sure to know what your assignment says about the task while placing your order.

The company offers generous first-order discounts as well as progressive discounts, since many first-comers eventually decide to become their long-term customers. The quality of writing and one of the best-in-class Satisfaction Guarantees are what makes this service so special.

Non fiction book report format

Whether you decide to write a book report by yourself, or if you order one from the above-mentioned service, you need to know the correct format. Here is the standard non fiction book report template:

  1. Introduction

Include the title and author of the book

A couple of sentences about the topic of the book

  1. Summary

A summary of the book in a few sentences

Include the key ideas, events, or concepts discussed in the book.

  1. Analysis

Author’s writing style

Your opinion on the book’s strengths and weaknesses

Compare the book to other similar books

  1. Personal evaluation

How did the book influence your knowledge?

Possible implications to the real life

  1. Conclusion

Say whether you recommend this book or not