Book Report Projects

As an educator, you understand the value of good book report projects.  Whether teaching middle school, high school, or college, a book report project would affect the classroom to make learning interesting, fun, and educational. Of course, the book report project you choose would need to be age appropriate but it also needs to be something that challenges each student’s mind.  To do this, book report projects do not have to be complicated.

We have provided some suggestions for book report projects.  If your class needs to complete book report projects for fifth and sixth-grade students, you could assign book report projects on virtually hundreds of books.  We strongly recommend Number the Stars, Mrs. Frisby, Glass Slippers Give you Blisters, and the Frog Princess.  To assign book report projects for seventh and eighth-grade students, Out of the Dust, The Iron Ring, and The Sea of Trolls would be great.

Then for high school student book reports and projects, top choices would include books such as Persuasion, Lolita, The Da Vinci Code, and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Of course, if the book report projects would be for college students, the level of read would advance.  Some recommended books include Seize the Day, The Ox Bow Incident, and The Chocolate War.  Again, book report projects should not be overwhelming yet challenging for any age.

Of course, it would be important that students understand the proper layout for book report projects.  Typically, in middle school, you would teach students about the proper layout for book report projects so as they progress in school, they would know exactly what to do.  For instance, book report projects need an introduction (author’s name, year of publication, etc), an introduction, which is no more than two sentences providing a brief description of the book, the body, which is the main part of book report projects, and the conclusion, or closing remarks.

If wanted, you could also provide students with a book report rubric for the various book report projects being assigned.  That way, they would know the portions of the book report projects that would account for the majority of score.  In addition, it would be best for students to write the assigned book report projects but if help were needed with the writing portion, you might mention that services of a professional academic writer are available.