Science Assignment

Being a student means a lot of work, a lot of stress at school as well as outside of it. You not only have to work in class, but also you have to spend most of your free time in libraries writing, researching, taking notes, analyzing, etc. And if you study science, add counting, developing formulas and solving problems. All this sure does sound stressful!

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What Is an Outstanding Science Assignment?

No matter, what you study, you have to check out the requirements to a certain type of writing, before you start writing. If you are working on a science assignment or a science project, you may need these tips quite useful:

  • Make an outline. Any task becomes easier, as long as you have a well-thought-through plan and follow it.
  • Write down the research question. Every part of your research (or experiment) is done to answer it.
  • Think of methods you want to use. First of all, you will have to know how to identify the problem. Then you need to learn what is already known about this problem, and think of a possible solution. Now, when you have a hypothesis, you can conduct an experiment to test it.
  • While conducting your experiment, carefully take notes and describe each and every step. Even if some facts may seem unimportant or unrelated at the moment, they may be valuable for your further research.
  • You may want to collect information on separate cards. You can easily rearrange them according to your needs.
  • After collecting the needed data, you can fill in the assignment outline. Write down, in order, the assignment title, the hypothesis, the story of your experiment, the materials and the procedure and at the end put down the data and conclusions.

The hypothesis is basically an educated guess you make based on prior knowledge. This is a statement you make as a suggested answer to your research question. You will need to plan an experiment with the only purpose – to test your hypothesis.

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