Chinese Art Paper

Writing Chinese art paper, as well as any other art essay, can be a quite challenging task as it requires good knowledge of both history and culture of the country. Chinese art is characterized by fine art, folk arts, and performance arts. Therefore, Chinese art paper writing involves description and giving a historical background for the topic of the essay paper. For a high school or university student, good knowledge of Han, Ming, and Tang dynasties is essential. Though it is difficult to portray the beauty of a physical object, choosing a good topic can simplify the art essay writing process.

Below is the list of topics that can be used in writing a college paper:

  • Chinese paper cutting
  • Chinese Poetry
  • Arts under Han dynasty
  • Arts under Ming dynasty
  • Chinese theater

Despite the fact that this list is quite short, these topics address events and cultural views of the biggest nation in the world and its life for centuries. For instance, Chinese poetry is a unique and exciting art, which can make even a simple college paper look professional paper. Moreover, it is much easier to write about a poem than to describe physical object and its color schemes.

Chinese Art Paper Writing

Students should remember that when writing an art essay, one should be descriptive. Unlike marketing papers or math essays, writing an art essay involves a little research and usage of several sources. Emphasis is made not just on argumentative writing, but also on creative writing and feelings. When writing an introduction on Chinese theater student can either describe certain show/performance or write about Chinese theater origin. The body text of Chinese art paper may contain both a general description of various performances and historical facts. Be ready to write about your own emotions in the conclusion. Otherwise, you risk loosing extra points for the art essay.

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