Medical Anthropology Essay

Essay writing on anthropology includes a vast number of college paper examples, including anthropology essays in such spheres as medical anthropology, social anthropology, psychological anthropology etc. The person taking an active interest in medical anthropology before starting to write a college paper on this topic has to acquire some initial knowledge about essay writing in this sphere. It is interesting to find out that medical anthropology in reality is the mixture of social and cultural anthropology and has been developed in order to keep track of the social response to health care and provision of heath services.

Medical anthropology is a relatively new sphere of anthropology on the whole, so there is a small number of anthropology essays, which may complicate the research in the sphere of medical anthropology. However, it is still possible to produce a good result of essay writing in this sphere and to find out more about medical anthropology as a specific branch of anthropology in case one undertakes research to investigate the origin and characteristics of this science.

The term medical anthropology has been used for the first time in 1963 by Scotch and Norman and denoted the scientific connection between social and medical implications of human life. However, some scientists state that in reality medical anthropology was mentioned in the 19th century already and the term was brought from Denmark. No matter what roots medical anthropology has, the fact is that nowadays medical anthropology denoted empirical and theoretical anthropological research connected with health-related social issues.

Alongside with the important role of general anthropology as a source of valuable information about human beings and their behavior, be it predicted or not, the innovative trends are still acquiring importance and significance, which has been documented in many anthropology essays recently. Medical anthropology is not an exception because together with other newly developed branches of anthropology it is seriously considered as a separate constructive, useful and socially important science in the contemporary reality. The reason of such popularity medical anthropology enjoys today is the fact that the contemporary society is unable to comprehend the current trends in health services provision, do not agree with the quality and level of healthcare services they get nowadays, and are dissatisfied with the reduction of innovation and technological advancement in the medical sphere of the majority of countries. All this, together with the ever-growing prices for drugs, brings popularity and additional material for consideration by medical anthropology and the growing number of anthropology essays dedicated to this topic.