Writing an Annotated Bibliography MLA

An MLA annotated bibliography contains a list of citations which are of books, articles and of other documents. Each citation in an MLA annotated bibliography is followed by an introduction detailing the reference, relevance and accuracy of the cited articles. In order to create an MLA annotated bibliography one has to do succinct analysis, concise exposition and informed research. Initially the various relevant citations have to be thoroughly researched and located and then the articles which are relevant to and particularly pertinent are chosen to form an mla annotated bibliography format. Once the annotations that summarize the central theme are chosen, more sentences that will elaborate on the author’s background, compare or contrast with other cited work and so o are included. Be sure to follow the Modern Language Association format when writing your citation – for instance,, it is important to have double spacing when writing your citations. The MLA annotated bibliography format is strictly outlined by pre-written guidelines. For an annotated bibliography that is written it is important to have: an abstract of 1-2 sentences relating to the topic discussed which elaborate the research topic, personal experience or future goals to add a critical description; 2-4 sentences will then be used to summarize the main ideas of the chosen citations in a typical mla annotated bibliography.

An MLA annotated bibliography example would generally look like this: Mandel, Jerome. “The Grotesque Rose: Medieval Romance and The Great Gatsby.” Modern Fiction Studies 34(1988): 541-558. Mandel argues that Gatsby follows many of the conventions of medieval romance, and analyzes East and West Egg as competing courts, Buchanan as a prince/Lord with Daisy as unattainable. When following an MLA style annotated bibliography it is important to not make too many changes to the original citation which has to written accurately. An MLA annotated bibliography example may look daunting, but is well worth the effort because it brings credibility to your dissertation. MLA annotated bibliographies are used to show respect when you are borrowing someone else’s idea to add credibility to your work, to offer additional information to readers who may wish to pursue your topic and to give readers the opportunity to check the accuracy of your work. You can easily sample MLA annotated bibliography if you are a newbie. As a researcher it makes you an expert on the topic you are writing about when you do an annotated bibliography in MLA format or APA annotated bibliography. It helps you to write the study in a professional manner and establishes valid sources and also the position of the researcher as a competent individual.