History Thesis

A thesis on history is a part of the requirements for completing a Masters in History. A thesis, in essence, is an independent and thorough research study that presents information in a concise, written argument that answers a specific question.

For a successful history thesis make sure you:

  • Summarize your knowledge on the subject you chose
  • Research different perspectives on the same events, such as a soldier and citizen’s experience in Europe in World War II, or a man and woman’s experience during Prohibition
  • Develop a new argument on your subject that if published, can influence the existing body of scholarly knowledge and thought.
  • Use as many primary sources as possible

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Choosing the Best History Thesis Topic

In order to produce a successful paper, it is important to define a thesis topic. For the best topic, it is important to narrow a subject down as much as possible. For example, you may choose to write about the religious history in 13th century Spain as opposed to choosing religious history as a whole. Ideally, you can take this focus one step further and choose a specific region, year, law or historical character. It is important to choose a subject that engages your interest and that you are familiar with. If possible, choose a groundbreaking history thesis topic that will take your chosen subject matter forward.

History Thesis Paper Overview

Once you have chosen a specific and innovative topic, you can begin to research and write. In the body of your history paper, you need to argue your case for your answers to the questions you have set yourself in your thesis statement. This analytical paper generally tends to be 40-60 pages long, where you need to provide a narrative of your subject and examples to support your thesis. A typical history paper includes an introduction outlining your argument, various chapters that engage in historical research, narrative, sources, and a conclusion that summarizes your argument. A good paper will explain why the question you’re asking is important, what sources you have used and how you have analyzed these sources to prove your point as valid and significant.

Getting the American history Thesis Right

American history offers countless topic ideas for thesis projects as law thesis. The purpose of writing an American history paper is not to produce a timeline of events but rather a clear academic essay that addresses a key subject and answers a specific question. While writing the paper, you should strive to make the audience understand the full importance of the historical narrative, while outlining evidence and sources for the argument you wish to convey. It is important that your American history paper is original and specific to a certain period, region or field of study. Related readings: learn how to write a thesis paper, PhD thesis paper writing and Masters thesis paper writing assistance.

History Thesis Examples as a Tool for Success

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