Legion Movie Review

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Legion Movie Reviews: Getting Inspired

In the modern age we’re living in it is actually difficult to surprise anyone with anything. This is why the movie industry tries to create something new, something compelling, something interesting and maybe even shocking. On the other hand, modern technology lets the movie makers achieve astonishing visual effects and this fact made one outstanding type of movies so popular. Sci-Fi, fantasy and all possible supernatural creatures: this is what is taking over our screens. Legion is an apocalyptic supernatural thriller and combines everything modern adventure lovers would want to see.

  • Of course, the first step of writing the Legion movie review or wanted movie review is watching it. When you start your review, begin the writing with a short Legion movie summary, but do not go much into detail! Just tell enough to intrigue the readers, but let them decide whether they want to watch the movie or not.
  • You may also want to write an outline, a list of topics you would like to elaborate on. For example, if you have already told what the film is about, think of similar stories, novels, or religious beliefs. Do you agree with any of them?
  • The movie starts with Archangel falling to Earth. What do you think about incorporating such elements of the Christian religion into the modern world and into movies in particular? Talk about the plot as a whole.
  • In the second part you may want to write about the director and the cast. Did they do a good job? What would you do differently? What would your perfect cast look like?
  • Finish with a short conclusion and your personal opinion on the movie. Would you recommend it?

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