A Beautiful Mind Movie Review Essay

Are you bored by movies and you generally don’t like them? You rarely find one with actors you find interesting and talented and a story that gripping and convincing? Or on the contrary, you love going to the cinema with a bunch of good friends, popcorn and watch all the newest pieces? But it gets you so emotional that you cannot put even a couple words of admiration into one sentence? Then you definitely have difficult times writing a movie review. In order to write a good one you need a movie that provokes your emotions and thoughts so that you can have a clear statement. But if for some reason you can’t do it, you will need our help. The highly talented writers here at Bookwormlab.com just love watching movies and they will gladly provide you professional help on this interesting, but stressful matter!

A Beautiful Mind: A Beautiful Movie Review

Some people simply can’t find anything interesting to watch and at some point they feel disappointed in the whole movie industry and ignore even the most hyped films. But the truth is that interesting, gripping and clever movies do exist. You will be surprised how this one won’t let you look away from the screen and play games with your own mind. A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful story that won’t leave you emotionless.

We are 100% sure that you will watch it and what is more important in this case – you will definitely enjoy reviewing this masterpiece.

  • We advise you to take notes while watching. Just take a piece of paper and a pen and write down anything that crosses your mind. Any tiny detail that strikes your eye or simply reminds you of something. Maybe you will notice allusions to other movies or literary works; or you find interesting how this or another fact was presented; or on the contrary, the director failed to do something successfully.
  • Do not try to write a complete review right after you have finished watching. Take your time to digest. Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them. So go and do some chores or have a rest and only after you have cleared your head a little bit, start writing.
  • When writing think of what will be the main idea of your review. You will need a line that draws attention to your writing and makes the reader think. Start with the basic plot, but don’t give away too much in order not to spoil the fun for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. The reader must be able to decide on his own whether he or she wants to watch the movie after reading the review.
  • Some books are based on real life stories and/or books (or comic books). A Beautiful Mind in particular is based on a novel about the life of John Nash, Pulitzer Prize nominee and holder of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. A movie with such a stunning background story is a lot more interesting to the reader, so don’t forget to add some information in the introduction.

Your final step would be to put your writing aside and to reread it in a couple of hours. Imagine you haven’t watched it yet and you read a review written by someone else. Would you like to watch this movie?

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