Famous Psychology Case Study

During the period of your psychology studies, you will definitely be given a case study assignment. It is basically a profound analysis of a person/patient. Usually, case studies are meant to be used as a substitute for lab research in clinical cases. For undergraduates a case study in psychology revolves around a chosen individual (can be living or imagined) or a character from a film/book/TV series.

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Working on a Case Study in Psychology?

Psychological case studies are often organized in a similar way, but the requirements of a specific teacher or learning institution must be considered as well.

You can use the following format while writing your own case study:

  • Background information.

In the introductory section you have to present the client’s background and include personal information, such as age, sex, family mental health history, social interactions, family relationships, life goals, character traits and professional skills.

  • Stating the problem.

Here you have to give a description of the patients problem or symptoms. Also, include the information about his/her physical and emotional state. Note how the patient reacts to the symptoms. Mention about any diagnostic assessments that have taken place during the case study and provide the results/scores.

  • Give your diagnosis.

Explain how you have got to the point, where the diagnosis became clear. Provide reasoning and back it up with evidence from the case.

Case Study Psychology: Tips

We have included some tips, which would help you throughout the writing process:

  • While writing about your patient, refer to him/her by name.
  • Consider the formatting requirements for citations.
  • Look through some of the examples of famous psychology case studies to gain an idea of how it should be written and formatted.

The more abnormal psychology case studies you read, the faster and easier you will get to the point where you understand its concepts and peculiarities. This could also be used as a guideline for you to follow during your own writing process. You may also take a look at and check out some case study psychology samples we have included here.

Case Study Psychology Help

One of the very first things you need to take into consideration is whether you have completed all the requirements and managed to follow the necessary format.

If you find the right approach, your case study writing might turn out to be one of the most rewarding projects.

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