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The whole procedure of writing business reports is not that complicated. However, there are certain thing you should focus on before and during the writing:

  1. determine the purpose of your report
  2. focus on the target audience (readers)
  3. collect the supportive information
  4. organize and analyses the data
  5. format the report in accordance with the requirements

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Online Business Report Tips

By the time you learn what is a business report and looked through some samples and examples, you will get an idea how to properly write and structure it. However, do not underestimate the importance of graphics, because it could serve as a very important visual tool. Include some of the following elements:

  • tables
  • organizational charts
  • line charts
  • others (photographs/maps/time lines, etc.)

Introducing the Business Report Format

The general format for a business report consists of the following elements: Summary, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusions, Recommendations and Appendices. However, keep in mind that it may vary in different companies and institutions.

  • Title section is the front cover of your report.
  • Summary. This is where you have to give a concise listing of the main points, conclusions and recommendations. You have to keep it short and not to overload it with the details.
  • Introduction. In the introductory part you have to give the story background and state the reasoning as to why it is important.
  • Main Body. It should consist merely of facts. You can divide it into sections or subsections. Here you have to describe how you have dealt with the problem and mention the procedure.
  • Conclusions. Present the conclusions of your investigation. Study should be also placed here.
  • Recommendations. It would be a good idea to introduce your own solutions to the problem.

Think of what you could suggest that should be done?

  • Appendices. Here you introduce the material and data that complements your investigation. It may include specific references, statistics, etc.

Once you have got your outline and a rough draft ready, you can start working on the final copy and polishing the whole document. Remember, the main objective of your business report is that it has to sound convincing to the target audience. Therefore, the information presented needs to be accurate and objective.

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